Lifestyle Vlogging

Having always been the one in the family to film the events of The Dykstra’s, here is the series that started Matthew off on his journey to online filming. The series was called MJSiebolt’s Vlog/Lifecast and featured one playlist for every month that he filmed. You can find them here. Matthew has also created a website to accompany them at

Below is one video from every year of the Lifecasting series

Summer 2010: The Dykstra Family Reunion

June 2011: My New Apartment

July 2012: Canada Day at the Embassy

October 2013: Halloween

May 2014: Wolfstalk

April 2015: Vlog Every Day in April (VEDA)

September 2016: #UncleisComing

July 2017: My Sister is Home

November 2017: We Made It (To Alberta)